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Contactless speed transducer


Contactless speed transducers (velocity transducers) provide pulse shaping the repetition rate of which is proportional to the frequency factor of the tachometer mark, fixed on the shaft of the rotating component through the sensitive region of the transducer.

Contactless speed transducer

Transducers versus the applied mark:
  • optical
  • magnetic
  • inductive
  • vortex-current

All transducers are made of the stainless steel and have threaded clamping М10х1 (see Fig.).

The transducer housing 1 is connected with preamplifier 2 through cable 3, placed in the metal hose. Preamplifier generates standard signal of the TTL-level and it can transmit it from connector 7 for a distance of 200 m.

Technical data
Principle of operation DVO-02DVM-01
Type of mark optical retro-reflecting filmmagnetic permanent magnet
Distance to the mark, cm 5 - 1003 - 20
Transducer operating temperature, °С -10...+80-30...+100
Preamplifier operating temperature, °С -40...+85preamplifier
is absent
Rise time of output signal, msec 101
Extra optionsblends, filters,cable extenders, metal hose cablecable extenders metal hose or oilproof cable


Delivery conditions:
Delivery time - 3 - 4 weeks.
Warranty period - 2 years.

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