Devices for control, monitoring dimension
and diagnostics of machinery


Multifunctional vibrometer BK-5


On-line measurement of industrial equipment characteristics and parameters (turbosets, pumps, fans) repair operations and commissioning in the fuel-energy business, housing and communal service and other sectors.

Multifunctional vibrometer -5 is a portable independent measuring-calculating system intended for rapid recording and analysis of sensed information on-site of industrial equipment.

Multifunctional vibrometer -5 based on the NoteBook together with a data recording unit makes possible the measurement, processing, control, recording and storage of signals from different sensors: vibrational pickups, pressure probes, linear and angular position detectors, switching relays etc.

Device include:
  • the NoteBook type computer
  • multichannel unir for signal recording
  • sensors to measure vibration acceleration
  • rotation velocity sensor (revolutions)
  • linear and angular position sensor, pressure probe, sensor for setting steam turbines
  • stroboscope, switching-matching arrangements and peripherals

Computer allows signal processing and analysis in situ the equipment to be tested. As a result the user obtains quickly information required for analysis and for making a decision.

Multifunctional vibrometer -5 is made as a portable device, arranged in the transporting case.

Engineering information:

Pyotr N. Rudenko
Phone: +7(81369) 42914