Devices for control, monitoring dimension
and diagnostics of machinery

Vibrometer -10

Vibrometer -10


Vibromonitoring of industrial equipment, vibrodiagnostic measurements and rotor balancing at their seats.

Recording of vibration signals for electronic data processing and analysis, en-route measurement.

Constitution and principle of operation:

Vibrometer is made as a light-weight device with accumulator and mains supply.

Gage sensors include ICP-chopper and rotation frequency sensor (optoelectronic, vortex-current or magnetic).

Registration and signal recording from sensors is made in the form of vibration acceleration time sequence. To calculate vibration parameters the methods of numerical processing and spectral signal analysis are used.

The device allows one to measure the volume units levels of vibration displacement, vibration velocity and vibration acceleration, harmonic components of vibration spectrum, rotation frequency, phase angle, excess, peak factor. A function is available to determine the rotor's rotational velocity by chopper signal without rotational velocity sensor.

The measurement range of vibration parameters is set by the user.

The calculation functions of the excess and peak factor are used for diagnostics of rolling and sliding bearings and instability of mechanical vibrations.

Light-emitting stroboscope for visual control of mechanical vibrations and phase angles is completed with vibrometer.

Connection of gage sensors with a cable 100 m long is admitted.

Recording functions of vibration signals in the form of time sequences for subsequent electronic data processing and analysis are realized. Signal recording under en-route-off-route measurement in arbitrary points of equipment at the user's option is provided.

Technical data
Number of channels to measure vibrosignals1
Measurement range of rotor's rotational velocity, Hz0.4 - 4000
Frequency range (set by the user), Hz2.3 - 1200
Measuring range of levels

- vibration acceleration, m/sec2

0.1 - 50

- vibration velocity, mm/sec

0.1 - 99

- vibration displacement, mkm

2 - 5000
Time of continuous work from accumulator, h, not less4.0
Weight, kg0.6

  1. ontrol of vibratory state of industrial equipment with rotational frequency of 4 Hz and more in parameters of vibration displacement, vibration velocity and vibration acceleration.
  2. Measurement of phase angles, rotation frequency and vibration parameters under balancing conditions.
  3. On-line spectral analysis of vibration parameters, calculation of excess and peak factor.
  4. Visual stroboscopic control of mechanic vibrations and measurements of phase angles.
  5. Recording of vibration signals for electronic data processing and analysis.

Terms of delivery:
Delivery date: 1 - 2 months
Guarantee period: 12 months

Engineering information:

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