Devices for control, monitoring dimension
and diagnostics of machinery


Vibrometer-tachometer-balancer VTB-2


The VTB-2 device is designed for vibromonitoring, diagnostics and repair of rotary-type mechanisms (electric motors, pumps, fans, smoke exhausters, compressors, turbines, generators) in service when in use.


The VTB-2 device is intended for creation of the cost-effective technology to keep mechanisms in good condition:

  • Checking of the mechanisms current state in accordance with the ISO-10816 International Standard
  • Quality control of rotor balance and alignment of built-up rotors
  • Non-contact inspection of rotor revolutions, carrying out of dynamic balance of rotor's mechanisms on-the-site in the operating conditions
  • Maintenance of vibromeasurement database, forecasting of remaining life and repair

Technical data
Frequency rang of vibration velocitye, vibrodisplacement, Hz10...1000
Vibration velocitye range in tha mean-square estimation, mm/s0.1...99.9
Measurement range of vibrodisplacement, double range, m1...999
Measurement error of vibration parameters, %< ±10
Measurement range of rotor speed, rad/s2...500
Measurement error of rotor speed, %0.5
Number of planes balancing, up to4
Time of continuous battery operation, h, not less 6
Device mass, kg0.6±0.1
Device mass in the transporting, kg2.8±0.1

Terms of delivery:
Time of delivery - 1 month
Guarantee period - 12 months

Engineering information:

Pyotr N. Rudenko
Phone: +7(81369) 42914