Devices for control, monitoring dimension
and diagnostics of machinery

Система контроля зазоров

Optical system for clearance control

  • Non-contact multichannel measurement of diaphragm's deformations and clearances while centering the high-pressure, middle-pressure and low-pressure turbine setting.
  • Precise non-contact multichannel measurement of clearances while making the repair works.
  • Measurement of angular positions.

  • clearances measuring unit
  • a set of measuring sensors
  • battery-powered unit
  • angular position sensor

Application area:
  • Centering of the steam turbine setting.
  • High-accuracy non-contact clearances measurement while making the repair works.

When performing centering operations clearance control system is used in conjunction with the boring bar (mechanical falshal), which provides the installation of measuring sensors in the flowing part of the turbine unit.

The system for clearance monitoring provides::
  • non-contact multichannel clearance measurement while making the centering works of the turbine setting;
  • measurement of the boring bar rotation angles;
  • non-contact clearances measurement while making the repair works of the rotor-type equipment.
Technical data
Number of channels for clearance measurement20
Measurement range of clearance, m0 - 6000
Absolute admissible error in clearance measurement, μm

- range I (0 - 2500)

- range II (2500 - 4500)

- range III (4500 - 6000)

Number of channels for angular position measurement1
Measurement range of angular position, deg0 - 360
Absolute admissible error in angle measurement, deg±2
Length of switching cable, m10
Power supply typebattery-powered
Supply voltage, V12
Time of continuous battery operation, h, not less 8
Sensor intended for clearance measurementtransformer
Overall dimensions of the clearance sensor, mm24х24х45
Overall dimensions of the device, mm300х275х120
Mass of the device (without cable), kg, not more4

It is made as a battery-powered compact device.

Terms of delivery:
Time of delivery - 3 - 4 months.
Guarantee period - 12 months.

Engineering information:

Pyotr N. Rudenko
Phone: +7(81369) 42914