Optical elements

Aspheric optic

Aspheric optics

  • high-grade telescopes with a reflective objective
  • precision optical collimators
  • spectroradiometers in the range 0.4 to 15 μm
  • other devices and systems
Technical Data
Materialglass, quartz, glassceramics
Clear aperture, mmup to 800
Shape of surfaceparaboloid, hyperboloid, ellipsoid, aspherical shapes of higher orders
Clear aperture/focal lengthup to 1/3
Surface curvature, mmup to 10
Asphericity, μm *)up to 1000 and more
Surface accuracy *)λ/10 (at λ=0,63 µm)

*) the maximum asphericity and accuracy depend on the surface parameters and the material properties.

Technical information:

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