Optical elements

Light-weight mirrors

Light-weight mirrors

Light-weight mirrors

High precise, and reliable mirrors are intended for working in optical devices of various application in static or dynamic conditions.

The mirrors can work efficiently in non-stationary conditions on ground, aerial and space transport facilities.

They can be used in astronomy, meteorology, geophysics, geodesy, cartography, for natural resources prospecting, ecology.

Based on light aluminum alloys we can manufacture a deeply-cooled objective for imaging in IR spectrum operating at a temperature of 4...293 K.

Technical data
Reflectivity, %»96.0 (λ=10.6 µm)
Optical surface shapeflat, spherical, aspherical, of the 2-nd and higher orders
Materialssilicon, Al alloys
Dimensions, mmup to 500
Operating temperatures range, Kup to 10
Temperature stabilityno worse 0,02 λk/grade (λk=0,6328 µm)
Mass, kgno more then 10

The RMS provides diffractional resolution in operating spectral range.

The mirrors can be developed with consideration of customer's specific requirements. It is possible to deliver the mirrors as the complete module combining the mirror itself and multifunctional unit fitting applied for attaching, unloading, and precise stationing.

Engineering information:

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