Optical and optoelectronic devices for inspection and observation

Сканирующий пирометр

Scanning pyrometer


Pyrometer is intended for remote temperature monitoring of different natural and artificial targets.

Device allows one to:
  • measure the objects' radiation temperature
  • carry out two angular coordinates scanning of the temperature fields
  • determine the objects' temperature fluctuations with time


Pyrometer can be successfully used for remote checking of the plug-and-jack connections in the outdoor switchgear, instrument transformers and insulators from a distance up to 100 m.

Principle of operation:

Principle of operation is based on recording of an object-caused radiation, being collected by an optical system of a broadband thermoelectric receiver (operating in the wavelength range from 2 to 14 m. Depending on the formulated task, the device operates in the continuous and point to point scanning modes, or kinetic mode, when the temperature fluctuations of the object are measured with time. The obtained data are displayed on the monitor, or can be saved with time and place of measurement shown.

Device includes:
  • pyrometric module with an integrated temperature sensor
  • F-430-processor based electronic circuit
  • Imaging and display device for aiming operating in the wavelength range from 0.4 to 1 m
  • Universal switch of the USB-ports data
  • Controlled rotator
  • Control and feeding module based on portable computer with a software

Technical data
Temperature interval, оСfrom -30 to 500
Threshold of temperature sensitivity, оС0,01
Specified emittance in the range0,2 - 1
Object distance, m5 - 100
Basic measurement error, %< 4*
Angle of view, mrad 10
Index of sighting1:100
     - horizontal 
     - vertical 

from 10о to 80о
Relative aperture1:1
Operating temperature range, оСfrom -20 to 40
Weight, kgno more than 14

* - on maximal distance with environment transmission included.

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